Bag Shop POS System

Bag Shop POS screen

Run your Bag Shop smoothly with SpicePOS point of sale system

SpicePOS has the right set of tools to manage your bag shop operations smoothly, including easy inventory management, fast and accurate POS checkout, customer loyalty, promotions, accepting gift cards and many more.

From our easy-to-use interface to an infinite source of features, we offer a system that is as fashionable as the bags in your display. Get the most out of your store with SpicePOS intuitive bag shop POS software. SpicePOS makes it easy for your Bag Shop to stay ahead of the competition and make smarter decisions.

Good Returns and Refunds

  • Easily make a complete/partial refund of the cash or accept an exchange, as per the company policy or customer requirement.
  • Easily generate refund receipts and return receipts with few clicks through SpicePOS app.
  • Option to add the returned goods to the inventory as and when you enter the goods return from the POS.
Refund receipt

Customize and Print Barcodes

  • Allows to generate and print your own barcodes and read the barcode already printed on the products by the manufacturer.
  • Choose from different sizes of supported barcode label sizes.

Manage Inventory

Bag shop inventory page
  • Identify the fast-moving clothes that sell the best during a season.
  • Create and send purchase orders to your suppliers in minutes so you never run out of stock.
  • Set up MOQs and receive notifications when to restock items.

Employee Management

  • Easily track employee time through shifts. Shift option helps you to track the employee in and out.
  • Designate different sets of permissions to different roles in your bag shop.
  • Analyze the sales performance of each employee.

Sales Analytics and Reports

Clothing store analytics screenshot
  • Analyze your inventory value and margins at a glance.
  • Analyze fast moving goods and categories so that you know what drives your revenue.
  • Analyze item or category sales by volume so that you can plan your next move.
  • See which product has the highest margin and which employee is performing well.

Build Customer Relationships

  • Save customer information including, name, email, address, contact number, birthdays, and any special notes.
  • Analyze customer preferences and behavior through their purchasing pattern.
  • Create custom SpicePOS loyalty programs.
  • Import and export customers through CSV files.
  • Analyze individual customer’s purchasing history.
Customer Details

Supplier Management

Clothing store supplier management screenshot
  • Simply check detailed supplier information including the transactions of purchased items and the products that you buy from each of them.
  • Keep track of supplier contact information in one place so you can easily reorder stock when it gets low.
  • Easily track supplier credit, credit settlements and supplier cheques.
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