SpicePOS Software Features

Point of Sale

Android POS terminal
You can install point of sale software on a variety of android devices, ranging from specialized android POS terminals to android tablets and phones.
Self service kiosk
You can setup POS application as a self service kiosk, or a table ordering tablet, allowing customers to place orders on their own.
You can give the customer a printed receipt, or email the receipt to their email address. Pre receipts can be printed for open orders, before taking the payment.
Open orders
You can save an order aside for later billing, and continue to take new orders. Saved orders can be modified as required, and billed later.
Payment methods
Cash, card, credit and cheque payments are supported (not integrated payments). Custom payment methods can also be setup. Payment can be split into multiple payment methods if required.
Delivery methods
You can setup custom delivery methods, and choose the delivery method for each order.
You can give percentage or amount discounts for individual items or the whole order.
You can refund the whole receipt or individual items.
Goods returns
Customers can return goods they purchased and take a receipt for the return, which they can later use as a payment for purchases.
Service charge
You can setup a service charge percentage, which will be added to the total bill amount. Service charge can be removed for items that are not applicable.
You can specify tax percentages, which will be applied to the bill. Tax can be removed for inapplicable items.
Credit card excess fee
You can charge an excess fee to the payments made with a credit card.
Item additions
You can select additions (modifiers) to items (paid or unpaid). Also, you can include custom notes for items.
Change price at sale
You can modify the price of an item at bill level.
You can setup promotional discounts based on various criteria, and the discounts will be automatically added for matching orders.
Price hints
If the same item is sold at different prices (due to the price differences between batches), multiple prices can be specified for an item as price hints, which will be prompted when taking an order.
Organizing items
Items can be organized into menus and categories, for easy filtering.
Order assigning
Open orders can be assigned to different employees.
Customer display
Show the order information to the customer on a separate display while you are taking the order.
Cash management
Cashier can add pay-in and pay-outs for cash movements happening outside sales, so SpicePOS can track the balance in the cash register.
Work offline
SpicePOS can continue to work without an internet connection, and the data will be synced to cloud servers as soon as the internet connection is available.
View margin
Easily view sales margin of an item when taking order, so that you can decide on how much you can discount when giving out discounts.
Multiple branch support
You can add multiple branches to your account, and view the information of each branch in one place.
Daily receipt sequence support
You can setup SpicePOS to daily reset receipt sequence. This is useful if the customer has to wait while the order is being prepared.
Split orders
You can split a saved order into multiple orders, if customers want separate bills.
Gift cards
You can sell redeemable gift cards.
Weight based barcodes
You can sell weighed items with the help of a weighing scale which can generate weight based barcodes.
Restaurant Features

KOT/BOT printing
You can print KOTs and BOTs when saving an order, and print any changes done to order.
Multiple kitchen/bar support
You can setup multiple kitchen/bar printers, and mark the printer to which the print should be sent to, at item level.
You can tag table numbers on orders. Table number will be printed on KOT/BOTs and receipt. Table occupancy can be monitored through the POS terminal.
Inventory Management

Linked inventory
Inventory is fully linked to POS system. POS transactions are reflected in the inventory.
Item recipe
A recipe can be defined for items, and when an item with a recipe is sold through POS, stock will be debited based on the recipe.
Items can be produced based on a recipe.
Stock adjustments
Stock can be adjusted easily, for any mismatch.
Purchase orders
Purchase orders can be generated easily, and emailed to suppliers.
Supplier invoices can be entered to inventory as GRN, crediting items into inventory.
Stock transfers
Stock can be transferred between branches.
Stock takes
Available stock can be counted and entered into inventory through stock takes.
Stock returns
Inventory can be returned to suppliers through stock returns.
Low stock alerts
Alerts can be generated when stock levels deplete.
Negative stock alerts
Alerts can be generated if stock levels go negative.
Inventory upload
Inventory can be uploaded through CSV spreadsheets.
Label printing
Labels (including barcodes) can be printed for items in inventory. Easily print labels for GRNs, Purchase orders, stock takes, stock transfers, etc.
Inventory insights
You can get a clear idea about your inventory through reports. Total stock cost, total sale value, expected margin, expected profit can be visualized easily.
Historical inventory
View how your inventory changed in the past.
Inventory expiry
View expiring items in your inventory.
Sales Analytics

Sales reports
View sales by time period, items, branches, etc. Approximate profit calculations based on inventory cost of sales.
Transaction history
View receipts, refunds, voids, goods returns, credit settlements, payments from back-office.
Income expense tracking
Track additional income, expenses.
Employee Management

Role based access control
Roles can be assigned to employees, which defines what actions are allowed for each of them and what are not.
Employees can work for shifts, and a shift summary report can be generated at the end of the shift.
Employee performance
Employee performance can be monitored from back-office.
Customer Management

Loyalty program
You can reward customers with loyalty points for their purchases, which they can later redeem on purchases.
Customer analytics
Details of past purchases of customers can be easily viewed.
Customer credit
Orders can be billed for credit. Outstanding credit of each customer can be easily viewed. Credit settlements are allowed.
Customer cheques
SpicePOS allows to accept cheques as a payment method from customers. Outstanding cheque payments can be viewed from back-office.
Supplier management

Supplier credit
Items can be purchased from suppliers for credit. SpicePOS can track how much credit you have for each supplier, and settle credit as required.
Supplier cheques
Outstanding cheque payments to suppliers can be tracked with SpicePOS.