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Run your bar smoothly with SpicePOS bar POS System

Running a bar is not easy. But don't worry. SpicePOS is here to give you all the support you need to manage your bar smoothly.

Use SpicePOS to manage day to day tasks of your business, while you can focus on improving your business with insights of your business provided through SpicePOS analytics.

Speed up serving

  • Easy to use and intuitive POS interface allows you to take customer orders quickly and precisely.
  • Bartenders can use hand-held android devices to take orders.
  • Keep multiple ongoing orders at once, and you can manage them with various options like split, void, print receipts, discount and many more.
  • Directly print BOTs from bartender tablets.
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Manage inventory

  • Easily manage inventory with purchase orders, GRN, stock transfers, stock returns stock takes and stock adjustments.
  • Automatically debit inventory as you sell. Eg: you can setup a single drink of whisky to reduce 0.05 bottles of whisky from inventory.
  • Create composite items based on a recipe. Eg: you can setup a cocktail to reduce multiple ingredients from stock, based on a recipe.
  • Gain insights into your inventory through inventory reports, and improve your business.

Satisfy your customers

  • Quickly see what customers have purchased previously, and give them better suggestions.
  • Keep notes of customers and their preferences, to offer a customized service.
  • Reward customers with loyalty points for their purchases, which they can spend on later purchases.
  • Manage a customer credit account.
  • Track customer birthday, and offer discounts to customers on their birthday.
  • Setup promotions/happy hour deals to attract customers.
  • Manage membership details for private member clubs.
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